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Our Strategic Plan

Transforming our Communities through Learning

Our Strategic Plan 2023-2028 outlines the strategic priorities for DN Colleges Group.

Our plan highlights the areas that are important to our future success of our Colleges and importantly, sets out our core values, which define the way we behave, drive our decision-making and define us as a Group and as individual Colleges. The plan sets ambitious targets for our students and our wider communities. It outlines what we want to achieve to build our student success and build a strong and secure financial position that enables us to invest for the future.

Our strategy reinforces the driving principles of our merger. We are focused on retaining the distinctiveness of our Colleges and serving the needs of our local communities, while collaborating as a Group to share best practice, to continually improve the quality of our learning, teaching and assessment and to follow a strategy of growth and investment for our future.

Supporting future employment needs is a vital role for DN Colleges Group and is a key focus going forward. With our strategic plan in place, we know we are directing our energy and resources where we need to, supporting skills infrastructure requirements across the East/West corridor, connecting our communities and reinforcing our position as an educational hub for South Yorkshire, Greater Lincolnshire and the Humber Region.

Our Focus: Our Students

Our focus is always on our students. They are at the heart of everything we do and our strategic plan expresses what we need to achieve to ensure they reach their full potential. Our students’ futures are our futures too: we know the role we play in helping them to achieve the best they can and this strategic focus ensures we are making an impact for our students and our communities, now and in the future.

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