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The talented weightlifter has only been taking the sport seriously for around a year and a half after receiving encouragement from a coach at his local gym and being armed with knowledge he has learnt from his College course.    Leon travelled to Slovakia on the 17th October 2022 with the support of his family to achieve his dream of becoming the World Champion for his age and weight category. Leon took part in bench-press, deadlift and squat. Leon broke the world record in the 125 Kg Teenage 2 Raw Full Powerlifting Category with a 270.5kg deadlift. He also managed a 130kg bench press and a 255kg
Part of the DN Colleges Group announces that it is working with the University of Hull’s Humber Internships Programme (HIP) to offer an innovative internship scheme to tackle the skills gap. The partnership will connect North Lincolnshire employers with degree-level knowledge, talent and skills offered by University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL) and University of Hull. UCNL, part of the DN Colleges Group, is working with the University of Hull’s Humber
Over 1,700 attended the popular Scunthorpe college’s event, which took place on Tuesday 18th October.  The College was a hive of activity with subject areas showcasing students’ work and their industry-standard facilities. The event was a great opportunity for future students to discover how the college can support them to develop their potential and aim for the chosen careers.   Visitors were able to see the college’s newly installed Health Simulation Suite
The assessment took place on the Wednesday 19th October in the College’s industry-standard mechanical engineering workshops.    The engineering sector is currently facing a skills gap that has led to a shortfall in the number of skilled engineers. Collingwood Engineering are looking to recruit a new generation of their workforce to help the business expand over the coming years, and have come to North Lindsey College for this.    Jason Deer, Managing Director
The event has been held online for the last two years due to Covid, was held on campus for the first time in two years, with staff and students keen to celebrate in a full ceremony. The College awarded trophies to students, alongside nominated staff in line with their core values and cast a light on those who had shone over the past academic year. The event welcomed inspirational guest speaker
The event has been held online for the last two years due to Covid, was held on campus for the first time in two years, with staff and students keen
The department is also home to over 60 species, the new additions are a very welcome addition to the College’s menagerie and is a large fowl that the College has never had the opportunity to house before.  The peafowls came from Norfolk and will eventually live with the Guernsey goats and chickens outside and will be free to roam in a dedicated area for them. The peafowls currently have no tail trains
A group of vocational students from North Lindsey College and Doncaster College have broadened and developed their work and employability skills in St. Lucia thanks to Turing Scheme funding. The Turing Scheme is the UK’s global programme to study and work abroad enabling students to develop new skills, gain international experience and boost their employability.   The students undertook placements in sports, public services and animal care/conservation work programmes designed to
The woodland is part of the Sustainability group’s approach to work towards net-zero emissions and reduce the environmental impact through innovation and collaboration. 300 trees will be planted in total which include a variety of species including Silver Birch, Hawthorne, Blackthorn, Oak, Wild Cherry, Rowan and Dog Rose.    Mick planted an Oak tree to start the project off and said, “It’s great that the College can work in partnership with the Woodland Trust. These trees will
2022 will see three groups of students from Doncaster College and North Lindsey College, both part of DN Colleges Group, undertake work experience at St Lucian school as well as enjoying some free time which has been funded by the Turing Scheme for two weeks.    Liam Marsh, an International Placement Supervisor at DN Colleges Group, said “We are extremely pleased to have secured funding for the 2021/22 Turing Scheme programme.
Scammell wheelbarrow pumps were issued to the Civil Defence or Fire Guards and mainly used as an easy way of controlling fires in the second world war caused by Luftwaffe attack.  Steve Shirley from the RAF Firefighting Museum was delighted to come onto campus to collect the fully restored pump so it can take pride of place with other many exhibits at the firefighting museum.   The pump was in a pretty poor state when