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Leadership Team

Our leadership team is responsible for the delivery of the DN Colleges Group strategic plan to transform our communities through learning.

John Rees

Principal and Chief Executive Officer of DN Colleges Group

John is Principal and Chief Executive Officer of DN Colleges Group, which incorporates North Lindsey and Doncaster Colleges. John joined DN Colleges Group as Chief Executive in August 2022 and has worked in the FE sector for the last 26 years. He started his career in teaching roles in Lincolnshire, before progressing into curriculum management and then into senior leadership roles in Warwickshire and West Yorkshire.

Barrie Shipley

Chief Operating Officer - Finance & Infrastructure

Barrie Shipley has been Director of Finance and Procurement for DN Colleges Group since July 2019, taking on additional responsibilities for Internal Audit, Risk Management, Estates, Facilities and Sustainability from August 2021. A Chartered Management Accountant, Barrie brings a wealth of experience from both the public and private sector, and more recently higher education.  Barrie is extremely proud to be working for DN Colleges Group and is committed to making a difference for our students and in our local communities.

Rachel Maguire

Chief Operating Officer - People & Information

Rachel Maguire commenced the role of Chief Operating Officer - People & Information at DN Colleges group in June 2021, joining us with a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously held leadership roles in a number of private and public sector businesses. In her role at DN Colleges Group Rachel has responsibility for People Services, working closely with other members of the Executive Team, Managers, Team Leaders and all staff across the College to ensure that the strategy and processes related to the building and retaining of an exceptional team of professionals is maintained throughout the College. Rachel is passionate about staff health & wellbeing and is leading on the creation and delivery of a strong and coherent People Strategy to ensure that all people-related activities are based on our vision and values, ensuring colleagues work together, feel valued and embrace change to support the achievement of the Colleges strategic vision.