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Our Vision and Values

Transforming our Communities Through Learning

At DN Colleges Group, we are working towards a common goal: to transform our communities through learning.This vision reflects our belief in our students and in our ability to transform their lives so positively. Our students are at the heart of everything we do.

Together, we can ensure they reach their full potential as they move forward to successful futures, contributing to their communities and to the social and economic needs of our region.

Our Values: ASPIRE

This vision is supported by a set of values that underpin how we operate every day across our organisation. Across every team and department, we follow core values that guide our decision making, our interactions and our approach to challenges and opportunities.

These values are a fundamental part of DN Colleges Group, as we aspire to deliver outstanding and inspirational teaching and learning for our students every day.

  • Ambition: to achieve the highest standards
  • Support: a caring, safe and inclusive environment
  • Partnership: collaborative working to achieve shared goals
  • Innovation: we use our initiative and are agile in finding creative solutions
  • Responsibility: we take individual and collective responsibility
  • Equality: we work with integrity and are open, honest and respectful of each other.

You can find our Public Values Statement here.