Employer & Bespoke Courses

At DN Colleges Group, we work with over 800 employers each year, offering a broad range of open courses as well as working with employers to develop and deliver bespoke solutions.

We work closely with organisations of varying sizes, ranging from small to medium sized companies to large businesses with UK-wide or international operations.

As a major education provider in South Yorkshire, Greater Lincolnshire and the Humber Region, we combine high quality training and learning provision with a local, regional and national reach.  We understand the business environments that organisations operate within and the economic, employment and skills challenges they face.  This insight adds value to the organisations we work with, ensuring effective partnership as we deliver their training solutions.

From one day courses to programmes delivered over several months and including qualifications, we can provide a range of solutions to meet employers’ needs.

We have access to a range of expertise and skills in different training and development areas and we encourage employers to contact us to explore the opportunities we can offer.

To develop a bespoke course, we work closely with that organisation to understand what it wants to achieve.  This can include a range of goals, such as culture change, improved performance, reduction in costs or improved staff retention.  Once we fully understand an organisation’s objectives, we help identify and deliver training and development to support and develop that business.  Whatever business sector, most organisations face similar challenges and this understanding is key to focusing development on addressing specific business needs.

We also offer public courses which employers and individuals can access.  Enquiries are welcome from individuals or employers.  Further information is available through Doncaster College and North Lindsey College websites.  Alternatively, please contact us for details.

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