Study Programmes (Age 16-19)

DN Colleges Group has extensive options for students aged 16-19. Our study programmes give students the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities both academically and personally to ensure that they give themselves the best possible advantage in their future lives.

Within study programmes, students work towards essential skills identified as required by employers. This skills development sits alongside specific qualifications, including English and maths, digital literacy and work experience.

This approach prepares our students with practical experience while also ensuring they build broader skills that will be essential to their employability and their everyday life.  All study programmes are individualised to each student’s aspirations.  This may incorporate additional qualifications in certain courses that our employers identify as key, enhancing our students’ employability and meeting the needs of our local and regional employers.  This also gives our students the edge at interviews.

A Unique Experience

Every student journey at DN Colleges Group is unique.  In some instances, students focus on practical skills that lead them directly into a specific job or an apprenticeship.  Other students progress from study programme options at aged 16-19, through further education choices and on to apprenticeships or higher education.  In all cases, students undertake programmes of study that supports them through their different learning stages, preparing them for their lives and careers ahead.

Preparing for the World of Employment

Industry placements and employability skills are a key aspect of all study programmes.  We support our students as they aspire to the highest standards of vocational skills development, with technical certificates and qualifications a key part of many of our Level 2 and 3 qualifications.  With programmes designed directly with employers, our students are prepared to meet the rigours and demands of their chosen occupation.

We also offer traineeship and re-engagement programmes.  These initiatives are specifically designed to re-engage students into education or prepare them for employment.  Focusing on essential work preparation training, a combination of English, maths and work experience helps young people become work-ready and can lead to employment or an apprenticeship.

Understanding Choices

With so many options available, we can help potential students understand the range of choices and variety of paths they can follow.  Our professionally qualified careers advisors give confidential and impartial advice to students of all ages, helping them begin and progress along their learning journey.

Settling In

We also help our students settle in to life at college.  Carefully structured induction programmes help new students get to know their personal tutor and to make friends with other students.  Extensive online resources are available and timetables are designed to provide students with flexibility and time to access support and services within the College, as well as having time for independent learning. 

We encourage our students to take part in enrichment activities, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the National Citizenship Scheme.  There’s endless scope to get involved in a variety of exciting activities, clubs and events that help them learn new skills, make friends and have fun.  From volunteering or helping our local communities and charities to getting involved in the range of sports teams representing our Colleges, off-site visits, overseas educational trips or other activities – there’s something for everyone.

International Work Placements

Students have the opportunity to apply for overseas work placements through Erasmus+.  These all-expenses paid visits enrich the study experience for our students, allowing them to explore the opportunities of living and working abroad.

Find out more about Erasmus+ here.

Quality in Careers Standard Award

We are proud to have recently been awarded the Quality in Careers Standard Award by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership.  This is a nationally recognised award and demonstrates our commitment to supporting our students into employment.

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The best thing about Doncaster College is that the teachers believe in you. The school experience was so negative, so coming to college I really wanted to do something I enjoyed.

David Holyhead

My tutors were so supportive and understanding of all of the students’ needs and are more than happy to help. You can genuinely see that they go out their way to make our learning as enriching as they can.

Jordan Murray