Students on target for a career in the Services

Written On
10 December 2020

The range will form part of the students’ curriculum, specifically those working towards Uniformed Services qualifications.  


The club will be run under the strict supervision of staff, whose backgrounds include tutors who previously served in the Army and Police force. The aim of the club is to generate interest in the sport at the grass-root level and guide students to understand both the techniques and responsibility that comes with using a firearm.


Uniformed Services student, Ashley said, “I want to go into the Police Force, and having this shooting range will help me aim correctly and more accurately with a firearm which are skills needed for my career choice.”


Uniformed Services Tutor, Frenchy Grisewood secured £10,000 to bring this enrichment onto campus, so students can be taught by fully trained and experienced Range Conducting Officers and Coaches in a safe and secure environment as part of their studies.


Frenchy Grisewood (Uniformed Services Tutor) said, ‘It’s new and different for our students, the aim of the Uniformed Services course here at North Lindsey College is to become the best in the UK. This new club forms part of a carousel of unique opportunities that will enhance our students’ CVs, build confidence, and help them stand far above other candidates when it comes to their next steps. These include being the only College in the UK to offer a skydiving club NLC Hawks to their students, alongside other activities including bushcraft, body language, and self-defence.”


Frenchy adds, “this new club’s primary function is to link up to the Uniformed Services students career pathways, help to develop concentration, good hand-eye coordination, focus, discipline and requirements that surround the sport.”


Students will use the range, to enhance their understanding and awareness around rifles and in the future, this sport will be used to let students compete in Target Sprint Events and competitions.


For more information, contact the North Lindsey College on 01724 281111 or email between Monday – Friday 8.30am -5pm