Office 365 Migration – Student Information
Information on what you need to do as a student

Returning Students

Check your login

After our systems migration work this summer, you need to log out from your student account on any devices you have. If you are using apps such as Teams on your mobile device, you may also need to uninstall these and re-install them to remove the old account information.

After logging out, or if accessing for the first time, login to the app or service using your usual account details. An example of an app you can try this with is via

Checking your account details

Once you’ve logged in, you need to check that your account is on the new system. To do this, click the profile menu icon in your app or web browser and make sure the account has the correct email address format listed, as per the list below, where 123456 is replaced by your ID number:

  • Doncaster students:
  • North Lindsey students:
  • UCNL students:

If the account email format is anything other than the above, you may still not have been transferred. If this happens, please contact the IT helpdesk using the details below.

If your account details don’t work

If you have problems accessing your account, you’ll need to arrange to have your passsword reset. You can do this by contacting our IT Helpdesk via – providing your student ID number, full name, and a contact telephone number.

Accessing Office and Key Resources

All users including Doncaster users should as a preferred method access email, teams and other Office apps via the web apps by visiting or

Even those Doncaster users whose machine has not been re-instated can access the new tenancy and most of the services you require via the web apps or via the intranet. Please note the intranet landing page is now – your browser should default to this as its home page. 

Questions and Answers

We understand you may have some questions about the project, and we’ve compiled a list of previous and common questions and our answers.

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