Office 365 Migration – Staff Information

User Guides for Migrating Data

Some of the Office 365 applications will require you to download and transfer the data yourself.

The following guides will help you to migrate your data for the affected Office 365 applications:

Accessing Office and Key Resources

All users including Doncaster users should as a preferred method access email, teams and other Office apps via the web apps by visiting or

Even those Doncaster users whose machine has not been re-instated can access the new tenancy and most of the services you require via the web apps or via the intranet. Please note the intranet landing page is now – your browser should default to this as its home page. 

Laptop Updating

Important information – actions required prior to updating your laptop

Before you can have your laptop updated, you need to move any files from your desktop to OneDrive. This can take some time depending on the number of files, please do this first. Guidance can be found here.

Book an appointment

To have your laptop updated, please click here to book an appointment.

Take your laptop to LRC4 for the initial updating process. This process takes about 1 hour to complete.

The remainder of the process can be completed either at college or at home. You will need to connect to the wifi and follow the instructions in the handout you’ve been given. You will then see a blank screen and it will take up to a further 2 hours for all the changes to take place, and once started you should not change location as this may affect the success of the deployment.

You will know the process is complete when you are able to access O365 products and email and Teams. You should also be able to see ProSuite and VPN/Sophos if you were able to access these before.

Following the update, if you have any queries or issues, please contact the Helpdesk in the usual way.

Unable to wait?

If you are unable to wait today, as a temporary fix, you can access email, OneDrive and basic Teams by following these instructions:

Sign out of all Microsoft applications on the device – in the top right corner with your initials. Do this for Teams too.

Go to and sign in with your usual credentials.

Please note that this will not replace getting your laptop updated. You must still do this so that you can access all College applications. This will not give you access to ProSuite or Sophos VPN.

Moving to the New Tenancy

There are a number of steps required when moving to the new tenancy from your previous device(s).

These actions will ensure that we are not holding any of the saved settings in your device which will allow you to connect to the new Office 365 environment.

Guidance can be found here

Issues with Logging In

One widescale issue has been users logging in with the wrong account or their account details being ‘stuck’ on the wrong account e.g. the screenshot below.

Image showing the incorrect email address format in the login name

Ensure that when signing into Office 365 the account is or or

If it’s still showing with then please sign-out and close all browser windows and applications, shutdown your machine, restart and then sign-in again ensuring that you use the correct login credentials, if your machine is ‘still stuck’ on this after following the above then please contact IT.

Browser profile may be stuck on the wrong account

The same can occur for browser sessions in either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, so please check your profile is showing the correct address and doesn’t contain If it does, please sign-out of the browser, clear all the browsing history and cache (IT can help you do this if you don’t know how-to) and then sign back into the browser with the correct credentials.

Image showing the web browser login/profile information

Questions and Answers

We understand you may have some questions about the project, and we’ve compiled a list of previous and common questions and our answers.

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