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UPDATE from Jason Wilkinson 13/09/2021 – How to Access your Teams Classrooms and Archived Files in the Old Tenancy


UPDATE from Jason Wilkinson 13/09/2021 Hi Everyone Further to my last update on the Office 365 Tenancy Migration we have validated that we’re able to access the old tenancies (North Lindsey and Doncaster) for at least a year, so we can provide evidence of previous years teaching for compliance with Ofsted and EV.  We have […]

Migrating Teams Classrooms and Class Materials


We’re aware that Teams Classrooms haven’t migrated from the old tenancy to the new tenancy

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I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you on the status of the O365 Migration and progress to date.

Update 3:45pm 20/08/21


We are now making good progress across the Group as a whole.

Important O365 Update – 19 August 2021 NLC Users Only


Good News…we have successfully migrated North Lindsey

Project Updates 20/08/2021


Firstly, thank you all very much for your patience this week.

Office 365 Update 16 August


As previously notified, we will be going into the cutover period planned for tomorrow morning 17 August.

Project Update 13 August


The planned maintenance will commence from 00.01 17 August and will take up to 48 hours to be fully accessible across both Colleges.

Project Overview

Since the merger of our two colleges, we have faced issues when communicating across both sites. Merging Office 365 into one tenancy allows us to collaborate and locate others within DN colleges. This will make emailing and virtual meetings via Teams much simpler. Other benefits include the sharing of files between North Lindsey and Doncaster, no longer needing two accounts and being logged as a guest. Students can also be added from either college to authorise MS Teams.

We have worked with external companies to help manage the process. YorCloud have provided support, migration, and training materials, whilst Phoenix has assisted with the consolidation of the two tenancies into one. The data that has been migrated refers to content that you have created within apps belonging to Office 365. These apps include things like Outlook and Word.

What is Office 365 – and what is affected?

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity applications, including the core, OneDrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams. We have access to other useful applications, such as Forms, Sway, and Stream. You may have noticed some changes when accessing these applications.

Some of the data you previously created within Office 365, such as documents in Word, files saved on your OneDrive, presentations in PowerPoint will have been migrated automatically so you do not have to do anything.

It has not been possible to automatically migrate data in some other apps, which you must manually manage. We have listed all the apps that DN Colleges Group uses below and identified those that you must manage yourself.

To help you with this process we have user guides and group sessions, which you can attend. You still have access to your previous account before it is decommissioned in October.

During this time, we expect you to save all old data and migrate to the new tenancy. After this time, you will need to request help via IT support.

To manually migrate the data, you must access the old tenancy, by logging with domain. Accessing the old tenancy is referred to as the source tenancy and will be read only. You will not be able to edit or create new content only save/copy the content and upload it within new tenancy.

Staff Information for the new Office 365 Systems

For information on staff logging in, migrating content, and accessing systems and apps, visit the following page.

Office 365 Information for Staff

Student Information for the new Office 365 Systems

For information on students logging in, migrating content, and accessing systems and apps, visit the following page.

Office 365 Information for Students

Your Questions and Answers

We understand you may have some questions about the project, and we’ve compiled a list of previous and common questions and our answers.

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