Music Technology students create Microbes sound installation

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Five undergraduate students on the BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology programme have created an immersive sound installation for the Microbes exhibition currently in the main exhibition space at local arts venue The Point.

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14 September 2018

Students were set the brief as part of a second year module Composition for Media, which explores the creation of music and sound design for Film, TV, video games and installation art.

The Microbes exhibition transforms the gallery space, creating a glowing landscape of suspended inflatable microbe pods; vibrantly colourful and enticingly tactile, visitors are encouraged to walk along them, feel them sway around, and watch how they breathe.

To complement the exhibition with sound, students created an engaging and relaxing soundscape that was designed to completely immerse visitors in an uplifting and textural ambience, something that would complement the installation without being too prominent. Taking inspiration from artists such as Brian EnoBill Fontana and William Basinski, each student composed their individual pieces, which were then mixed in surround sound, and arranged to create a seamless 20-minute loop.

The exhibition runs until 1st September – see for further information.


Liam Curtis
Harry O’Connor
Max Hodgkinson
Jacob Turnbull
Tyler Day

BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology students