Mathew Lynds

Meet our Governors

Having enjoyed school life, but not having had great achievement, I decided to do some travelling and worked abroad, and had many low paid jobs, all of which I enjoyed and do not regret. I later went back to school as a mature student to study. A success which I enjoyed.

Having always had a job of some sort since the age of 13, I took the first job I could get after finishing college; a tea boy on a building site, aged 26! Not great, but it was a job. That was my first step to my current career, leading on with simple steps forward and always continuing my education. Fourteen years ago, I set up my own Facilities Management company, which goes from strength to strength. We now employ nearly 100 staff around the region, and work throughout the UK.

I believe passionately in Doncaster and the importance of the College in its future. Speaking from experience, education is the means by which we can create opportunity, empowering the individual and ultimately, the region. The Doncaster area is uniquely placed and the students of the College have a fantastic opportunity to make Doncaster a vital national asset, even European. I want to take part in that and help make it happen today. I am proud to live and work in Doncaster, and I look forward to a bright future for the Doncaster region.