Danny Fenwick

Associate Director

Meet our Governors

After leaving school I was unsure what I wanted to do. I did various jobs such as a builder’s labourer, short term factory work, bar work. I then obtained a job at a car garage and retailer and worked up from a trainee to a branch manager.

I was only 18 when I got this job and I made a lot of mistakes, especially when it came to managing people. However, I really learnt from this and quickly too. I developed many other skills and was successful in this role, however, I just did not feel like I was doing something I wanted to do long-term. So, at the age of 25 I came to North Lindsey to do a degree in Social Sciences. I completed this with First Class honours, which considering I had never written an essay in my life, was quite an achievement. I was offered 2 hours a week teaching at the College. The 11 years later I am now Associate Director. My success is due as much to other staff at North Lindsey College as well as my hard work and a determination to do what is right for the students.

Although my role has changed over these 11 years, one thing remains constant and that’s the privilege that is teaching students. I am in a position to change people’s lives for the better. When students go on to become qualified Midwives, Nurses, Social Workers changing people’s lives for the better, I know for certain I really am doing something worthwhile.