Coronavirus Information and Advice

DN Colleges Group remains committed to utilising all its resources to support its staff, students, apprentices and the wider communities during these difficult times.

Covid-19 Update: 25 April 2022 

Please use this form to report positive test results to DN Colleges Group.

Covid-19 Positive Result Reporting Form 

DNCG Privacy Notice (Covid – 19)

If you have tested positive, please work/study from home if you are well enough to do so or follow normal sickness procedure if you are unwell. Also report your positive test to us directly be completing this form.

People with Covid-19 and their close contacts

New guidance is available, published 12 April, see link below.

When an individual displays/develops symptoms or tests positive on site

The individual should go home and avoid contact with others. If driving they should be the only person in the vehicle if well enough, however they can share a vehicle with a household member if necessary. They should not use public transport to return home

The individual should wear a face covering, stay away from others and open windows etc. where possible

Face Coverings

The use of face coverings is a personal choice, and we continue to support anyone wishing to wear a face covering within the College setting

We continue to encourage the use of face coverings on transport and in crowded environments such as indoor performances

Control measures that will remain in place within the College setting include:

Maintain hygiene measures including the promotion of ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ and provision of hand sanitising stations

Maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes including the provision of cleaning stations within communal areas and office/classroom spaces

Increased ventilation where possible, including opening windows and doors (do not wedge fire doors)

Other controls measures, such as Perspex screens, floor markings, signage etc that have no detrimental impact on working, teaching or learning will also remain in place

Contingency plans that enable the stepping up/down of measures in line with advice and guidance from Public Health remain