Coronavirus Information and Advice

DN Colleges Group remains committed to utilising all its resources to support its staff, students, apprentices and the wider communities during these difficult times.

The Prime Minister has said: “I want to thank everybody for continuing to follow the guidance, and to thank parents and families for the incredible work you’re doing to help test pupils through the Easter holidays and to encourage you to keep testing them twice a week as schools return.”

It is vital that staff and students continue to test twice weekly in order to identify asymptomatic cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) and prevent the spread of the virus.


Asymptomatic Lateral Flow Home Testing

  • Do a test at home twice a week
  • Report your results to the NHS and the College – Negative or Positive
  • Student test kits are available from the LRC’s
  • Staff test kits are available from the onsite test centres
  • Even if your kits are not college ones, please report your results to us

Reporting your results from home test kits

1. Report your result to the NHS by clicking here

Select that you are reporting a result for yourself. Select “school, college, or education provider.” Select “DN Colleges Group.” Scan the barcode on your test strip.

2. You then need to report your result to the college by clicking here

COVID-19 Positive Result, Symptoms or Self-Isolation Reporting

Have you tested positive, showing symptoms or need to isolate?

All positive test results must be reported as soon as possible via the following link.

Click here to report covid-19 symptoms or self-isolation

Protective Measures

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 and we continue to ensure the following protective measures are maintained:

1. Students, staff, contractors and visitors must not come into College if:

  • they have one or more COVID-19 symptoms
  • a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms
  • they are required to isolate e.g. NHS Test and Trace
  • they have had a positive test

Isolating and online reporting arrangements continue.

2. Face coverings:

  • due to updated guidance – March 2021 on the use of face coverings in education, we have reviewed the College position. It is our expectation that all staff, students and visitors will provide and wear a face covering in all indoor environments, unless exempt. You can remove a face covering to eat or drink, to take medication, for identification purposes and when lone working. Staff are not expected to wear a face covering in staff rooms and offices where a 2-metre distance can be maintained or whilst lone working.
  • we strongly recommend and encourage everyone to wear face coverings responsibly, learning will not be disadvantages to those refusing to wear a covering. Refusal will not lead to a negative consequence unless it is done in an offensive manner where usual disciplinary processes for behaviour and attitude would be initiated.
  • · do not need to be worn when outdoors on College premises (but social distancing must be maintained)
  • lesson times will be shortened to allow students and staff the opportunity to go outdoors, similar outdoor breaks will be encouraged for all staff.
  • this requirement will be introduced for a limited time until Easter, and as with all measures, we will keep it under review and update guidance at that point.
  • face visors or shields should not be worn as an alternative to face coverings.
  • staff and students should provide own face coverings.



3. Thorough and regular hand cleaning

4. Promotion of ‘Catch it, Kill it, Bin it’ approach

5. Enhanced cleaning arrangements, including frequently touched surfaces and provision of cleaning stations and with staff responsibility for regular cleaning within areas

6. Minimising contact and maintaining social distancing wherever possible, including:

  • Floor markings
  • Signage
  • Room layouts and occupancy limits
  • Staggering lunch times
  • Avoiding corridor queues

7. Ventilation – mechanical and natural

8. Asymptomatic testing – promotion and engagement

Steps we’re taking to keep you safe on campus and partner locations.

As an anchor institution in South Yorkshire, Doncaster College remains committed to utilising all its resources to support its staff, students, apprentices and the wider community during these difficult times.

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