Our Governing Body

The Governing Body at DN Colleges Group oversees how we meet the needs of our students, ensures that we contribute effectively to our local and regional communities and guides our future.

Since the formation of DN Colleges Group in 2017, we have established a governance structure that determines our strategic direction, while also providing challenge and scrutiny to the Group Executive in key areas such as statutory requirements, finance, quality and curriculum.

Our Structure

The Corporation Board is our main governing body.  This brings together people from various backgrounds with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience.   Our governors reflect the communities that our Colleges serve, including students and staff, and have overall responsibility for the quality of service that we offer to our learners and the local community, as well as our financial health. 

In addition to the Corporation Board, Local Stakeholder Boards are being established to represent the individual Colleges within our Group.   We also have several committees, all of which report to the Corporation Board, as follows:

  • Audit and Risk
  • Curriculum, Quality and Performance
  • Finance and Resources
  • Higher Education Performance and Quality
  • Search and Governance.

The Corporation has representatives on the wholly-owned company Boards of Directors for the following subsidiary companies:

  • Doncaster College
  • North Lindsey College
  • DC Teach Limited
  • Kingsway Consulting Ltd
  • Optime Support Limited. 

Governors are also represented on the Equality and Diversity Committees, Safeguarding Committees and Health and Safety Committees (where appropriate, separate committees for these areas are in place for each College).

Financial Statements Audit

The financial statements of DN Colleges Group are audited annually to ensure compliance with legislation, the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s financial memorandum and the Post 16 Audit Code of Practice.  A statement of Corporate Governance and Internal Control is published each year in the financial statements, confirming compliance, including arrangements for risk management.

For further information, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation at college.governors@dncolleges.ac.uk.

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